by Fabrice Bourgelle



Fine artist Katarzina Jablonska’s event, ‘Fingers Crossed’ is making use of the three ‘Friday 13th’s of 2015 (Feb, March and Nov) to present a liberal array of art addressing chance and fate.


My submission for the first exhibition (Feb) used my cardboard spinning wheel invention, which chose the chords for the piece:




1st spin = key
2nd spin = minor/major
3rd spin = additional harmonic colour


The random-spinner-chosen chords were accompanied by my own melodies, and a grumpy and bewildered monologue. Melody, tempo, meter and voicings (i.e. my own input) represented human attempts to cope with and make sense of daily chaos (i.e. the cardboard wheel’s input).


For the next exhibition I’m making a collection of tiny recordings, that the listener will listen to on shuffle. These recordings feature only one word or sentence each, and their combination will carry different meanings according to how the playback device shuffles them. It’s called ‘Don’t I Know It’.


Making these things, as obscure as it may be, feels quite natural for me, just now. Through a set of experiences and changes in situation I’ve known over the past year, a manner of the arbitrary and unknown has become familiar.


The next exhibition is this Friday – 13th March, at the Engine Room, Hope Mill, Ancoats, 6–9pm. Check here for updates and follow on twitter here.

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