by Fabrice Bourgelle

Before Performance

Last week I played for BBC Radio 3 and presented edition 8 of my residency ‘Peach’, with two different bands, meanwhile my 4th album is being mixed at the Total Refreshment Centre. A few people have recently been asking me about my approach to performance, which is generally evolving, and which grew again on my recent tour. In response, I’ve prepared:

A few things I remind myself, before a performance.

1. This is not a show about how good I am at something or not.
2. Fear is the first ingredient in courage.
3. Get out of the way of the song.
4. Something terrible is probably happening for someone not so far away, show some respect.
5. This is awesome. In a couple of years, will I be able to remember it?
6. What day is it? What place are we in? Who is here, and what do they need?
7. Forget the singing, remember the song.
8. The things we wish to address will be true whatever happens or doesn’t happen tonight, nothing can change them.
9. (while feeling the floor under my feet) I am here.
10. (while looking at the waiting audience) I love them.


The Radio 3 performance will air on Late Junction on Friday 2nd 11pm, with a preview tonight (30th Nov) at 11pm
The residency concert series ‘Peach’ (in London N16) returns on 26th January, contact us for details