2017 – April

Blessings – here is some of my news, in April 2017:


4th album – The Corner of a Sphere – soon
A collaboration with Danalogue (The Comet is Coming), Kristian Capitol K (Loose Meat), Paddy Steer and the Total Refreshment Centre + others. It employs the atmosphere and performers of the Peach residency, and overflows with humanity. It’s intended to address greed, division and unity, and might be the finest thing I’ve been a part of making. We are enjoying investigating plans for its release. Recording funded by PRS Foundation.


Peach 11
The monthly residency continues to grow, with April’s guest artists being Charles Hayward (of This Heat) and Danalogue (mentioned above). Each show is more full of life than the last, challenging my work and bringing communities together – the best thing about it is the people – to attend you might want to book ahead. The Peach series breaks for summer after May’s show.


T-Shirts – I was gonna fight fascism, but…
My Facebook video listing excuses for not fighting fascism went viral, with some requesting t-shirts of the script, and here they are – both fun and serious, with a design by Raimund Wong. Help yourselves to t-shirts here and enjoy the video here.


All current bookings are full band and feature fresh material created for the Peach development residency.

16th April – Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol,
27th April – Peach 11, Total Refreshment Centre, London,
28th April – PRAH, Arts Club, Margate,
26th May – Peach 12, Total Refreshment Centre, London,
11th June – Brussels,
4th July – Woodburner, Curve Garden, Dalston,
26th Aug – Shambala Festival,
2nd Sept – Smugglers Festival


You are doing
Very well – it’s not always easy