by Fabrice Bourgelle


There are many, many different ways of empowering people. Often, we don’t know when we’re doing it.

Around this time last night I climbed a tree, to free a floating lantern, barely drunk enough to be neither set on fire nor fall to the ground. I succeeded, and the lantern, once liberated, sank immaculately down to the lake below, to drown.

Make a wish!

This was part of Kirsty Almeida’s secret gig, at Limefield studio, for a small group of very well-dressed special guests, and indeed, the BBC.

Between musing on how easily even the thought of a camera crew’s schedule can distract a performer from their work, and preparing to raid the remnants of unfished glasses of red, I was told of how one audience member had insisted, that the evening’s absurd events had ammounted to the best night of his life.

Make a wish!

I could tell you many stories to try and illustrate the point I’m after here, while attempting to avoid ingenuous cliches. But there’s little space, and after all, it’s probably futile.
All the same, you never really know, do you.