Whittler… Band Camp… Eaten My Heart

The man himself, John Fairhurst, has been recording here at Iron Mountain, a brace of delicious instrumentals, on his very impressive new recording gear, which, he assures me, he could record with “at the top of a tree” if he wanted. No doubt whilst whittling a new iphone charger out of a jagged piece of rat skull…

I’ve begun using bandcamp. This, so you can download demo’s for free, or indeed donate. The first one up is ‘My Curmudgeon’. Be warned – a touch of strong language.

Thankyou, all who were present, for your presence, at these performances this weekend gone. Each an amazing time. From the pin-drop silence and raucous dancing lunacy last night, to Ellis’ immaculate accompaniment on instrumentals on Thursday. Wonderful times. Debt at Band on the Wall, Theatre in the Mill, Liz Green’s show at the Castle.
Some pictures just up from these, more to follow soon.

I’ve no new recording for you, tonight, from Iron Mountain (I’ve been gigging.) Perhaps, in its place, you’ll accept a written piece:

I have eaten
My heart

There’s a new black hole
To look into

I have eaten
My heart

What jaws I have
What guts
And the teeth!
You’d give all your life
For the teeth I have
In my skull

I have eaten
My heart

And you point that burger
At me!
What the wet lettuce
Regrets –
I have eaten my heart

How do you suppose
An artery sounds
When depart the parts
That I had
Yes I had
And I have eaten


The thing
I believe,
Even as it joined
My intestine