Shouting, Feathers, Hospital

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I’ve been refusing the use of PA in shows lately. Occasionally, if it’s a noisy night, some of the the words, the music, or the sense (!) is lost, in the shouting. And it can be a tricky one, conveying an intimacy, whilst projecting to a room. Particularly, say, a pub.
But I’ll prefer to invite people to listen, rather than to force them to hear something. If just once you wind up with a yammering drinking hoard moved to silence, it’s worth all those other times when you just couldn’t be heard. I’m not here to MAKE anyone hear poetry/song…

I wonder what you lot all think to that.

Bristol, and everyone I know was in hospital for one reason or another, then that evening with Paddy Steer (“the Flesh Thunderbolt” – Wilf). Wilf’s night. Rembrandt Clarke. Al Cummings. Wonderful night.
Great work Wilf. Well done, Emma.

Lovely to see everyone at the Riverside, also. Sheffield is a warm place, function/buffet or no…

Iron Mountain now boasts the presence of Biff Roxby. Three of his trombones yesterday glinted happily in the dawn light, that creeps in so lovely through those windows in the room that was Rik Warren’s, then Sam Buckleys, and is now Biff’s.
He’s been recording up here already, and his presence will be felt in this space soon.