by Fabrice Bourgelle

Shoes, Jackie and Matt

Good luck to Jackie Hagan and Monkey Poet Matt Panesh, as they ascend the stairs to Edinburgh.

I had a wonderful night performing (no PA once again, by the way) at the debut of their comedy show, at the Night and Day the other night. Thankyou, you two. I live to fill a room with nothing.

Meanwhile in Iron Mountain, I’m recording a stuck vinyl for a short piece about a pair of shoes. Below are the words. Be well, everyone


There’s a little pair
Of shoes, over there


The toes of them
Curled up
From walking

They rest,
Now, together

How do they rest together

One is the opposite of the other,
But they are both the same

They disagree so well

They are masters
Of servitude

Even they have a shadow, you know
Empty of longing as they are
Hollow, so;
So, fulfilled

Paired so perfectly
On the other side of my still
Quiet floor,
A little pair
Of black shoes

They won’t even mock
My mucky white jabbering
Looking all around, as I do
And mostly, only looking,
After all, to go looking
Some more

But them

They don’t even do
Let alone the looking

We do
We all do

They need not,
Those shoes

Lovely, lovely shoes

When your step is the stamp
That crushes an ant
Into sand
You will still be innocent of it, and
You will still stand

May you live
Forever, damn you

I may paint myself black
Scoop out my bits with a spoon
Curl up my toes, lie down
Next to you

Call me a thing
So I might have no thing
To do

Or not

But best of all, so
I might not know
From two