by Fabrice Bourgelle

Real Change We Can Truly Believe In Actually

This is very serious indeed. It will have some considerable ramifications, it’s very serious, actually. It carries meaning for every one of us, and I hope you understand, as I do, the gravity of the situation, that is obviously not to be taken lightly.

In fact it is unprecedented, and carries implications of the most sobering nature, the effects of which will be felt in every sector of our society, and the scope and meaning of which, I think you’ll agree, are going to be absolute, decisive and, as some have gone so far as to suggest, unilateral.

It is very, very ,very, very very very very serious, and I mean that in all seriousness. This is, needless to say, not a joke, and I must assure you that I believe that every action should be taken to ensure that the gravest consideration be afforded to the recognition of the magnitude of this seriously serious concern.

I could go on, believe me.

All that said, however, this remains a matter that concerns every one of us, and I truly believe that what matters most of all is that our concerns for this serious matter be taken seriously, no matter what the consequences.

I propose a solid plan of action whereby all doubts can be resolutely expunged in the immediate facilitation of a platform by which we, and you, and they, and I can be assured that no time is wasted in bringing the brunt of this matter, once and for all, to the fore, in the best interests of all involved, and NOT, as some might have it, lost in petty squabbling, distraction, and rhetoric.

That is all