I have laughed, this week, often, and well. But little more heartily, than I did with Pascal Makonese, when John and I visited him, in Strangeways Prison.

A man in a place not of his choosing, with nothing to offer but his time and his character, can indeed perform well, the role of ‘genial host’.

Between his tales of ludicrous scenarios, impressions of the officious and jokes about cultural stereotypes, the man known in prison as “that Jazbo guy from the paper” had us marvelling at the strength of character, of one who seems to have been locked up among the truly vicious and malevolant, for basically playing too much drunken harmonica.

A fascinating scenario. A truly unique man.

A few weeks ago I did a show. Before I even began, the moment I saw Pascal in the audience, I knew it would be his show. Needless to say, before long he was stood before me, facing an audience that was screaming with laughter and delight, myself merely accompanying on guitar. A moment never to forget.