‘One Question’… A View Over Winterthur

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For those of you who have asked, here’s a short note on where I’ve been this past week:

A View Over Winterthur

A town of angle-roofed houses gather in a gaggle at the bottom of the valley. It is unclear what they are debating. Perhaps they are at market? They can’t agree on shade nor aspect.

Over them a hill of pine is pierced by some electronics-obsessed God. He must be embarrassed to distraction by the beautiful church bells that appear every half-hour or so. But evidently his aim is poor.

The road is not interested.

Numerous points about the vista aim to dump their sunlight in all directions.

A stubby train passes us by, who, despite being crucially angular, refuses to admit to being functional.

The clear air is ungodly.

The pylons on the high horizon are NOT an army. They’ve only been asked to remind everyone, once in a while, of the notion.
And that path, yonder. If no-one ever treads that perfect path through the perfect green in that little corner of the perfect land, that lies all about my filthy, stubborn self, yes, if no bugger ever even points at the thing, they’ll still be glad they built it.

A buzzard turns above, the only black.

The air could be ice.

The trees, behind, point the way, down the path, to my left, towards the road, that’ll carry myself, and my grubby little poems, to the airport.