I awoke, and saw, as per usual, the hotel ceiling. I wondered first, as per usual, “What time’s lobby call?” (That’s swanky industry jargon for, ‘Time to leave.’) I wondered next, as per usual, “What time do they serve breakfast until?”

I’ve been waking in hotels, most mornings of this year. (Just now I am most certainly bragging, I won’t lie to you. But I will get to the point eventually…)

I wondered thirdly, as per usual, “Who did I share a room with this time?” But when I looked across the hotel room from my bed, for once, I saw no-one. Furthermore, the hotel room looked strangely familiar. It was full of things that seemed to belong to me.

It wasn’t so clean and tidy, this hotel room…

Just this afternoon, I was talking with someone who said, “It’s like, if I didn’t smoke, then I wouldn’t smoke… y’know what I mean?”

I think she was trying to say that alot of our thoughts, decisions and behaviours are decided by the repetitious and constant scenarios we put ourselves in, or are put into. Alot of our choices, our attributes, are ours more at the point of choosing a surroundings, a vocation, or an activity, though not so, at the point of actoin.

I could only agree with her.

Anyhow. The point is this. We’ve returned at last from the tour, and we’re a little different, from how we were when we left. But today I heard the test-pressings for the album I’ve spent the efforts of two years in making. I anticipate deeply, welcoming each of you to enjoy it, over this coming month.