First Invitation, Banoffee Pie

This weekend I went on tour. It may only have been two dates, but for both those dates, we were on tour.

Between the night-zombies, the sci-fi theatre-mecca, the theft, and the rain-drenched-smalltown-art-barn-disco Newcastle through Sheffield via Allenheads was an enlightening trip.

Thankyou, dearly, Bidie Jackson (, all her exceptional band, Laura (Kid Kerby), and indeed to Joe and James of Opus in Sheffield. It was a true delight to meet/see you all. Some truly sobering moments of clarity, in the performances these guys did, and some excellent characters to meet along the way.

The weekend prior, for fun, I decided to write and record an EP. I made seven copies. They’ve now gone, but you can hear a little of the thing here, (or on lucky you.

The record’s called ‘The Full Catastrophe,’ and features ‘O Thou Silent Autumn Night’ by Alexandrov. It’s been described as ‘Ominous and sonorous’ by Samuel J Buckley.

The piece I’m uploading here is basically a piece of fun called ‘First Invitation’. Some bad language. No saxophone.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”‘First Invitation (The Full Catastrophe)” dl=”0″]

Soon… BIFF ROXBY (Bedlam 6, Honeyfeet, Scratters) will live in Iron Mountain. He also has a studio. You’ll hear more about this.