Can it be?…

Today, and last night, David Schlechtriemen and I have been working on pressing the Honeyfeet ‘Little Boat’ EP, recorded last year, when Sam Buckley was still in the group. Those of you who have never pressed a record before are unlikely to be familiar with the size of the task listed under ‘artwork’. It comes close to comparing with the task of getting the members of Honeyfeet to coincide, on-time, for anything other than a gig.

The thing is going to be wonderful. To all of you who’ve persistently asked, waited, hoped for this record, my apologies. But you won’t be sorry you did. I’ll keep you up to date on when the printers reckon they’ll be ready.

Also this past day or two I’ve been making a book. Liz Green taught me book-binding the other day, and it goes wonderfully with red wine.

I’m intending to start selling my own publication, ‘I Hate Spoo,’ as soon as I can get the master files off Sam Buckley. It’s a short book of poems. Originally intended only for my friends. But some of you lot have been asking me for certain pieces at shows, so why not…

The publisher’s called Henry Crowfert and No Sons.

O yes. For most people, a meeting would be complete without a BBC film crew, but aparrently not for Kirsty Almeida… Look out for that, they’re making a short film on her, and us lot – members of Debt and the Oddbod collective. ‘Inside Out.’ We met yesterday, and discussed funding, art, music, work, life… All the while an enormous camera looking on… It was a delightful experience.

Tomorrow, I’m playing with Rik Warren (also featuring David) at ‘Folk’ in West Didsbury around 2pm, then performing by myself at the Deaf Institute open mic, if anyone fancies that.

Good luck, everyone