Explanation of the Jester Project, Chapter 1 – Composition (cont)

Similarly, weeks later, the morning after performing in that play‘s unforgettable first night in Dublin, still full of bewildered zeal and romantic drunken glory, I was just hungover enough to arrive at a poem called ‘I Don’t Want A World Today’. It was all about wanting a rest from how awesome everything can be.

Obviously, I didn’t want much of a rest, and I didn’t get anything that resembled it. If you’ve toured as a musician you’ll know about the monotony, drudgery and helplessness that can arise on a trip. Even when one is surrounded by exotic landscapes, beloved friends, and utterly enviable employment. ‘Not My Ask’ is a melody and chord-structure from backstage at a venue in France, on tour with Liz Green, immediately after the Dracula show. I was exhausted, physically and emotionally, and somehow full of the idea that nothing I said or did made any difference to anyone. Again, evidently, having a great time, in my way.

Misery being on tour with bastards. O! My painful life

Privation, fear, indignity, solitude. I live the life of an artist, and my only nourishment is pain. (Picture from Stuttgart, summer 2013, with Phillip Howley, a guy from the venue, Sam Buckley and Liz Green, L-R)

My point here is that nothing really ties the composition of this thing together. It was not fashioned around a theme. In fact some of the titles, ‘Captain Marzipan’, and ‘That’s For Eating With‘ for instance, are almost arbitrary, and generally fun.

Aside, that is, from the title track. I’d say that once you name something, it comes into being. Before recording began I gave this collection a name, and a track-listing, so it would come into being. The project’s called The Jester, after this song, for very particular reasons. I’ll be attempting to make these clear over the course of this report.


Next Episode: ‘Chapter 2: RECORDING’, on Monday 7th
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