by Fabrice Bourgelle


The children killed me, at Fire in the Mountain festival the other week. I stood at dusk, blindfolded and smoking, and the toddlers and pre-teens levelled their Lee Enfields and made an end of me. That’s a bluegrass festival.

“We can sit on him now!”

“Take a picture!”

“Steal his tobacco!”

“Where’s his beer!”


Lying very still as they kicked me, I was overcome with the sort of relief for which the wanting was hitherto invisible – like when the fridge suddenly shuts up, and you notice it had been really noisy. I don’t know why, but of all the performances and hijinks that hilarious weekend, the death was my favourite.

Anyway. Here’s the good bit. Those kids told me, after I’d come back to life, clear as day, they said, “This is the winter uprising. We’re fighting for his majesty the Tsar. ” They went into detail about what the Bolsheviks had done to the royal family. They told me what province we were in. They’d killed me as a Communist. I was speechless.

I’m spending this fortnight producing Jamie Harrison’s next album, with some of the team that made ‘Copernicus’. It’s going to be a beautiful piece of work. I’m approaching the job like a mock-comic-Stalin. One of the tunes will be called,

‘Kids These Days Are On The Side Of The Tsar’

On Red Deer Club, soon.

Jamie Harrison
John Ellis/Limefield Studios
Paddy Steer
The Russian Civil War

NOTE: No comment will be made here, on the events of the 27th May, the launch of my LP, nor the level of support and appreciation you’ve given, the work everyone has done/is doing, and certainly not about what it felt like, to do that, or be there. There will, however, be news, soon enough, about related live album and film, if that’s helpful.