Dear Soul, New Site, Jamie H

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”‘Dear Soul’ (Tonight From Iron Mountain 4)” dl=”0″] – Alabaster

Tonight, at Iron Mountain, as I make here my first post on this, the new website, tonight we are recording Jamie Harrison.

Biff Roxby, Rik Warren, Phil Howerdrell and Frances Lydiat are involved. I am their master. If they don’t play properly, and do exactly what I say, it’s THE PENNY CHAIR for them…

Although we’ve been lent some magnificent equipment by Humble Soul and Debt Records, we’re favouring performance, here, over typical cleanliness of production values. Did you ever put a record on because of how good the signal-to-noise-ratio was? I don’t believe I ever did.

Perhaps that’s a little glib of me. Still, what we’re making here, we hope, will be beautiful for the personalities involved in the performance of the music, at least as much as anything else.

The short recording you find above is not Jamie, but myself. ‘Tonight From Iron Mountain’ will be a space where you can find occasional snippets of the creativity that occurs here. The other day I made this cheeky melody. Let’s call it ‘Dear Soul’. It should make your shoulders dance. Does it make your shoulders dance? I hope so. Some day it’ll be a song.

News next time regarding some performances. And perhaps another little tune. For now, WELL DONE, and welcome to my website, created by the wonderful Jacob Stow

Thankyou, Jake

– Alabaster dePlume