by Fabrice Bourgelle


This morning, as I awoke, I wasn’t sure where I was. As it happens, I was at home.

So far, this year, I have spent 22 nights at home.

This state of affairs is a little unusual, though of course, it is mine out of choice. I, myself, choose the things I do, and the way I live.

So, any odd feeling, yearning, cabin-fever, weirdness or privation, delirium, confusion, all appear, as do delight, brevity, joy and wonder, upon me of my own volition.

And thus, these things are all an expression of my love for life.

It is knowing this, that makes this work possible, for me.

The tour runs until May, and we’ll be leaving again in a couple of hours, but before we do, here’s a small piece of fun that passed in the van recently.

Liz was asked to prepare, for a radio interview, her ‘Ten Commandments of Writing’.

I don’t have her commandments to hand, but here’s a few from me.

Thou shall not abide strictly by any rules or commandments

Thou shall not work for the pay

Thou shall not work without the pay

Thou shall not aim merely to please thineself

Thou shalt aim to please thineself

Thou shall not edit, before thou hast marked thine page

Thou shalt edit

Thou shalt switch off Facebook for fucks sake

Thou shalt steal, not imitate

Thou shall be directed by forces more lofty than thine own aspirations