by Fabrice Bourgelle


O Lord

Louis Barabbas has shaved his beard.

And he did so, in a music video.

What hope is there for a world,
Where one day such a growth can live,
Well-founded and
Mountainous upside-down,
A chin-wire mad castle of crisps and pie-pieces
All lashed into one impossible cascade of year-long tumbling,
Down into the abyss
Of stage-waving and wonder,
All down along the long months to the end,
In the soup,
Breakfast or beer,
Growing so slow
All that long way along,
Making the great pilgrimage to
Guitar strings and zip-catastrophes,
Only now to be felled
By the blade of a black-eye lens

One flash of the flesh
For a posture
For a portrait
And it ends


That’s showbiz for you

Let the bastard shave

There are those amongst us
Who still care
Who know faith
Who claim true,
‘I was there’

Remember the hair
We’ll say
And behold this world of Judas
As it folds itself about
A feast of its own
Fickle fecundity
And falls

Remember the hair

‘Deep Enough’ by Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam 6: