by Fabrice Bourgelle


In Bury, this afternoon, I met with Kirst Almeida, Louis Barabbas and a number of other excellent performers and artists, in… Bury. The Bury ‘Light Night’ on the 14th October is basically a mission to turn one street in the north Manchester town into some manner of time-traveller’s cultural acid party.
Bury, on a Friday night, is not known for its cultural flamboyance. We were heckled, crossing a churchyard, this Tuesday afternoon, by drunks. A landlord told us, he won’t replace the window in his unlet shop window, as “it only gets done in again.” That’s just what Bury’s like, on the weekend. His empty shop stands, on the street where we’ll be performing, on Bury Light Night.
I was born in Bury. I’ve been there, of a weekend. I know that not everyone in the town is well represented by the arbitrary drunken violence of what, I’m told, is the rape captial of the country. Song, music, dance, poetry, gramophone DJs, silent films and… art, down one alley in the midst of such a mellee could be an utterly absurd, or even dangerous, idea. Thus, this is one of the most exciting gigs I’ve had in some time.
Boys and girls, we’ve no idea what will happen. I don’t believe I’ve ever felt like recommending you spend Friday night in Bury. But hey…


Rioghnach Connolly (Honeyfeet), will be one year older, this Friday. She was threatening to get down to some sort of gig/party, at Indigo, in Withington, for the occasion. Come and drink. Come and sing. Definitely, sing. This is a true legend we’re talking about.

James de Malplaquet, of the Miserable Rich, will be speaking on Arctic Circle radio this weekend (that’s a great station, by the way). He’ll be on about the tour, and likely to play one of the pieces I’ve been writing, especially for my compere/support slot with them. Isn’t that nice. It’s all about ghost stories…

Any of you who’ve never gutted a studio might be interested to know that it’s a bit like climbing a robot-god’s nostrils. John Ellis’ studio at Limefield will function smoothly again, soon.

If I’m to see Sam Buckley tonight, then I must run now. He’s a Chaos Jackal. Never disappoint a Chaos Jackal.

Good luck, you lot