by Fabrice Bourgelle


In the same week, the restaurant Sam Buckley chefs in was awarded second-best in the country, AND the song he played bass on appeared as ‘single of the week’ in the Guardian.

This is the man I knew myself to be looking at, when as we walked from his home in Burton-in-Kendal to Carnforth, to miss the train I knew I’d never catch when I wrote the word ‘Sam’ in my diary, I looked over to my left, at the ginger-bearded bastard swimming beside me, along the canal, rainclouds gathering overhead.

There is no other like him.

He has published my book. He is not a publisher. But he is Sam Buckley. He’s called his publishing company ‘Henry Crowfert and No Sons’. Here is the cover:

You can buy my book, here:

It’s a short book of poetry.

You’ll be glad you did.

Well done, one and all. Good luck