A full-lenth album, produced by Dan Leavers (The Comet Is Coming, Soccer96), with Kristian Capitol K, Paddy Steer, Jordan Copeland, and others. This project is supported by PRS for Music Foundation

Peach Concert Series

Concert Series featuring new musicians and new material once per month in East London.

Peach LP (2015)

Dedicated to the memory of Peter Fairbairn, and featuring Paddy Steer, John Ellis and many others, my third album was created between Manchester and London between 2012 and 2015. Available here.

The Jester (2013)

In collaboration with pianist Daniel Inzani, I wrote and recorded a collection of new spoken word material. The project involved 12 performers, 24 visual artists, 3 concerts, an exhibition and a successful crowd-sourcing campaign that funded a vinyl pressing and promotion.

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Copernicus (2012)

Working with Paddy Steer and John Ellis, I produced a collection of original theatrical spoken work and music on vinyl, and organised a concert with art-installation, involving the best musicians and artists available to me in Manchester. The ensemble has since appeared around the country.

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