26/01/15 – Booking for 2015, and have just uploaded a work-in-progress from new LP 'Peach'. Will be online for a few days only sound cloud link here

Next Performance:

07/02/2015 - First Chop Brewing Arm, Salford (QUARTET)
15/02/2015 - We Come Alive, The Harrison, London
02/03/2015 - The Bicycle Shop, Norwich
04/03/2015 - The Prince Albert, Stroud
12/03/2015 - The Golden Lion, Lancaster
13/03/2015 - The Spotlight, Lancaster
19/06/2015 - Kuiperfest

Alabaster Deplume (Angus Fairbairn) is a performer, writer and musician, based in Manchester. He tours internationally bringing theatrical spoken-word to music audiences, and vice-versa. His most recent multi-disciplinary concert/recording project, The Jester, involved 12 musicians and 24 visual artists from two cities, funded internationally by crowd-sourcing. He writes and performs theatre with Dublin circus aerial troupe PaperDolls and appears as saxophonist for Manchester rhythm and blues group Honeyfeet, and singer Liz Green (PIAS International) among others.

“Alabaster is a rare man. Restlessly creative, collaborative and eternally grateful of his part in the game. He has written some of my favourite songs. Part performance poet, part Leonard Cohen, part jazz saxophonist and something of the Ivor Cutler – yet these comparisons mean next to nothing. He will bless a room with his unpredictable presence and all are hypnotised. Do not miss.” – Daniel Green, LAISH, Willkommen & Simple Folk Radio

“Harrowingly funny” – Citylife Manchester, 
“Quite unlike anything you’ll have heard before” – Bristol Post on Jester Project
“A slinky, kaleidostropic maelstrom” – Now Then magazine Manchester
“I had to keep laughing, or I think my heart would’ve exploded.” – audience member


Mayakovsky, in his book about how to write poetry, stated that no poet can be instructed in the creation of verse, since any true artist invents anew the method of their craft. It can be handy however, to share practices,... more

Be sure to laugh now; Be sure, now, to cry, For all these things will be forgotten