30/08/2016 – Today I'm telling people about the return of concert series Peach – https://www.facebook.com/events/320476301620072/

Next Performance:

27/10/2016 - Jazz Cafe, London (Brooke Sharkey LP Launch)
01/11/2016 - Waterstones, Birmingham (tour with The Magic Lantern)
03/11/2016 - Klondyke, Levenshulme, MCR (tour with The Magic Lantern)
05/11/2016 - St. Stephen's Stockbridge, Edinburgh (tour with The Magic Lantern)
07/11/2016 - Cumberland Arms, Newcastle (tour with The Magic Lantern)
08/11/2016 - Prince Albert, Stroud (tour with The Magic Lantern)
09/11/2016 - Lighthouse, Deal (tour with The Magic Lantern)
10/11/2016 - Talking Drum, Margate (tour with The Magic Lantern)
23/11/2016 - Vortex, Dalston
14/12/2016 - New Roots, Slaughtered Lamb, EC1V

https://www.facebook.com/events/320476301620072/Alabaster is a cross-disciplinary artist, bringing theatrical performance to music audiences. His tenor saxophone is influenced by Ethiopian jazz, while his humour is akin to Ivor Cutler. He’s toured internationally and engaged dozens of jazz and folk musicians, visual artists and film-makers in a series of original projects around the UK.

From Manchester, based in London, Alabaster DePlume (Gus Fairbairn), is a performer, writer and musician. Since 2011 he has produced three albums on Manchester label Debt Records, toured Europe as a solo performer, produced short films, and written/performed a play with circus-aerial in Dublin. He has also presented a series of combined-arts events celebrating his work, and the work of others.

His recordings are played on national radio, most recently described as “cheerfully uneasy” on Radio 3. He uses music and spoken word to portray sentiments, often contradictory, that together evoke a new feeling. Whether in recording, writing or performance, his work has an emphasis on inclusion, encouragement, and sincerity.

A saxophonist with an unusual tone reminiscent of Getatchew Mekurya, Alabaster collaborates with members of the folk and jazz scenes of London, Bristol and Manchester. His latest LP ‘Peach’ was produced by Paddy Steer, and accompanies short film ‘I Feel Good’ directed by Melodie Roulaud.

“Cheerfully uneasy” – Max Reinhardt, BBC Radio 3
“Quite unlike anything you’ll have heard before” – Bristol Post
“passionate, creative, unique, thought-provoking and delightful.” – Bido Lito Liverpool
“Harrowingly funny” – CityLife Manchester

“Alabaster is a rare man. Restlessly creative, collaborative and eternally grateful of his part in the game. He has written some of my favourite songs. Part performance poet, part Leonard Cohen, part jazz saxophonist and something of the Ivor Cutler – yet these comparisons mean next to nothing. He will bless a room with his unpredictable presence and all are hypnotised. Do not miss.” – Daniel Green, LAISH, Willkommen & Simple Folk Radio


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