"There was something strange and beautiful about playing with all those people again only ever having done it once before. It was an honour and easily the best gig I've ever played." - Jessica Macdonald on Copernicus album launch
"I found it very moving. Even to the point of being a bit worried about [Alabaster]" - Bob Jones on Copernicus
"I had to keep laughing or I think my heart would have exploded." - Libby Duffield on Copernicus album launch
"It's like a theme tune for a kids' TV show, about how we're all going to die some day" - Julia Foster and Jamie Harrison on Copernicus
"A wonderful, enchanting and beautiful night. It was a real privilege to be there." - Mari Oda on Copernicus album launch
"Lives among the memories of the best events I have ever witnessed... I do not have the wit to describe it." - Louis Barabbas on Copernicus album launch
"I like to think that this song somehow is a subtle message sent to me on this earth form the far off place, where I really belong. " - Kevin Nolan, on 'I Don't Know'


05/06/2014 - Hammer and Tongue, Komedia, Brighton (SPOKEN)
07/06/2014 - Jamboree, Limehouse, London
19/06/2014 - The Shipping Forecast, Riverside, Sheffield
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